There are limited places available on the January and February 2012 trainings courses and workshops . There are a number of exciting portfolio days and workshops planned in January and February 2012 including a portfolio and training days at Walton Hall, Hazlewood Castle and an urban weddings day in Leeds city centre.In February the two day Book Shoot and Sell more weddings workshop will be running at Hazlewood Castle.

The focus of the one day workshops at Hazlewood Castle and Walton Hall will be winter weddings and how to create stunning wedding photographs in the harshest conditions. A day of hands on practical shooting with bride and groom models and the theory of planning and preparation will arm you with the knowledge and increased confidence for your own weddings. For more information or to book click here. these days are suited to photographers of all abilities.

On Sunday January 29th I’ll be in Leeds exploring assorted locations and demonstrating how to create stunning and contemporary wedding photographs in the most urban and industrial settings. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary – click here for more details This day is suited to photographers with a little more experience as the day is more practical hands on than theory.

February 8th and 9th will be the fourth Book Shoot and Sell more weddings workshop – a day of hands on practical advice to create the stunning wow photographs that will dazzle your bride and grooms flowed by an intensive real world advice training day where we’ll cover topics including marketing, workflow and increasing your online sales. This two day workshop is ideal for anyone either just starting out or looking to refocus their business direction. Click here for more information