The Societies Photographer of the Year 2015 – Winner!

In late January I attended The Societies of Photographers annual awards evening in London. The Societies is an international and well respected photography organisation with several thousand members from around the world. I’d been nominated in two categories, Landscape and Wildlife.

Landscape was the first of the two to be announced and although I did’t win I did come second with my Lake District Photograph from near Buttermere. All my hopes were now pinned on Wildlife, I was overjoyed to be placed as the winner of the Wildlife category with my underwater image of a diving Kingfisher.

As the night continued and the further categories were announced the awards reached the climax with the overall photographers of the year awards for third to first place . I’d genuinely never imagined I stood a chance of being placed and so it was with complete shock that out of over 10,000 images mine was judged as the overall winner of the annual competition.

Its easy to call yourself an award winning photographer, but to be honest this award trumps all others, so its with head held high I can sign off this post as UK Photographer of the Year!

Award-winning-kingfisher-photographThe Diving Kingfisher photograph. Winner of Wildlife Photographer of the year and also the image that saw me crowned as UK Photographer of the year.

Second Place Landscape photograph of the year, the Bothy overlooking Buttermere.

Chris Chambers Photographer

The Diving Kingfisher image made the front cover of Image Maker magazine and was used widely in the photographic press after the awards ceremony.