Wood Hall Wedding photographers

Paul and Beth married at All Saints Church in the village of Saxton near Sherburn in Elemet before celebrating at Wood Hall Hotel near Wetherby.

The day began at Wood Hall for photographs of Beth’s preparation before she left for church. Hair and make up photographs complete there was just time to grab a few photographs of Beth in her wedding dress complete with wellies (just incase), although these were quickly swapped for a pair of Jimmy Choos before leaving Wood Hall.

All Saints Church in Saxton is conveniently located next to the village pub which is where I caught up with Paul and his best men for some photographs before the brides arrival. During the wedding ceremony photography was allowed from the rear of the church which although not the best scenario, it is certainly better than no photography at all.

As we left the church the sky had transformed and the threatening clouds had cleared and blue skies and sun awaited us. With a number of formals to complete at church we quickly despatched these to allow everyone the opportunity to throw confetti before leaving for Wood Hall, although with the now fantastic weather no one was in a hurry!

The following photographs are those we used in the large screen display of wedding photographs we had playing during the evening reception. (I’ve added the last few for the sake of completeness).

Wood Hall Hotel and Spa near Wetherby

In preparation for the England game on Saturday, a pair of matching supporter shirts with the numbers offering a clue to the wedding date.