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Stephanie and Dan are marrying at Hazlewood Castle later this month, I caught up with them recently at the castle for a pre-wedding photo shoot and to run through the photo plans for their wedding day.

Hazlewood Castle near York

Hazlewood Castle near York

Hazlewood Castle weddingsWedding photography at Hazlewood CastleWedding photography at Hazlewoood Castle near York from Chris Chambers

Natalie and Wez were married last Saturday in a civil wedding ceremony at Waterton Park near Wakefield. Although a little more overcast than previous days the weather was ideal for their wedding day and meant we had more opportunities and locations to use for the photography.

Natalie and Wez were quickly relaxed in front of the camera, helped no doubt by the pre-wedding shoot we had at Wateton Park a couple of weeks ago. The pre wedding shoot is an ideal way of overcoming any nervousness and helps you enjoy the day more as well as acheiev more natural looking results – sounds like a teeth whitening commercial!

Wateerton park weddings

Jason and Jessica will shortly be marrying at Hazlewood Castle near York. I met up with them yesterday at Hazlewood Castle for their pre-wedding planning meeting and photo shoot.

Hazlewood castle wedding photographerHazlewood Castle weddingsHazlewood Castle wedding photographers

Ok so it had to happen, I’ve finally succumbed to Facebook and created a fan page!

At present it’s a collection of blog posts, photos and a few snippets, but I’ll Add more info in the next few weeks and set some discussions rolling – you can check out the fan page here – Chris Chambers on Facebook

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Adam and Ashley married in a civil wedding ceremony on Saturday at Burntwood Court near Barnsley. Although a  little windy, the weather was close to ideal, especially as during the wedding breakfast the skies cleared offering a contrast to the tempestuous skies earlier in the day. (although to be honest they made for some stunning photos – see below).

Adam and Ashley had been stars during their recent pre-wedding shoot and so I had no doubt that we’d be in for some great photo opportunities from the two of them. They certainly didn’t disappoint!

During the evening reception the guests turned fire-starters to release chinese lanterns (the wind had dropped off now). A couple of bride and groom with sparkler photographs provided a fitting end to their wedding album.

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  1. Sarah said:
    These are truly amazing, the way you organised the day and blended in was fantastic, everyone had only words of praise for you and the photographs you played on the screen at night were heart stopping. The big sky photo is just wonderful.
    June 21, 2010  8:43 pm
  2. Jen said:
    I was gobsmacked at the screen display in the evening, these are stunning photos and I'm sure Ashley and Adam will love them.
    June 21, 2010  8:45 pm
  3. Helen said:
    Beatiful photographs. Looks like the bride and groom really loved their wedding day! The sky looks amazing
    June 22, 2010  7:51 am
  4. Alex said:
    Beautiful wedding photograhs, the sky looks amazing.
    June 22, 2010  7:52 am
  5. lucy said:
    the photos are amazing, captured the day perfectly
    June 22, 2010  9:07 am
  6. nicola morman said:
    For once i am speechless, what an amazing day ashley and adams wedding was! These pictures just go to show what a stunning couple they are and how beautiful their special day was. Fabulous pictures, truly amazing, they will be a special reminder of your magical day for years to come! Congratulations
    June 22, 2010  9:18 am
  7. Ashley (Bride) said:
    Thank you so much for these beautiful photos Chris they realy are stunning, not sure how we're going to choose from them for the album but can't wait to see it.
    June 22, 2010  9:21 am
  8. Adam (Groom) said:
    Whatever the wife said..... I think thats how it works from now on!!!! Really stunning pictures Chris. Thank You. Adam
    June 22, 2010  9:34 am
  9. daniel said:
    loved the day and the pictures are amazing.
    June 22, 2010  9:51 am
  10. brent said:
    fantastic day, loved every minute. Well doen with the photos they are stunning, cant wait to see the album
    June 22, 2010  9:53 am
  11. Rebecca Harrison said:
    The photos are absolutely stunning, as was the whole day. The sky photo is one of the best wedding photos i have ever seen. Had an amazing time. Congratulations Mr and Mrs D. xx
    June 22, 2010  10:03 am
  12. Zoe said:
    These are the best wedding pictures i have ever seen, they really capture the day to its full potential and are an amazing keepsake for Ashley and Adam to look back on over the years!
    June 22, 2010  10:11 am
  13. Amanda Roberts said:
    congratulations to you both, i can express enought how much i really enjoyed your special day. Everthing was amazing. After looking threw the photos i was amazed at how beautiful they were, you look stunning xxx
    June 22, 2010  11:33 am
  14. lorraine davis said:
    the photographs are amazing, and added to what was an unforgettable day. I would like to thank the photographers, who made everyone feel so at ease... which accounts for so many laughing faces. Once again, thanx.
    June 22, 2010  11:39 am
  15. Emma Morris said:
    Mr & Mrs Davis's wedding day was flawless from start to finish: Ash was the most stunning bride I have seen and Adam as handsome as ever. The whole atmosphere was perfect and the photos show it. Thank you for the invitation and many congratulations! xx
    June 22, 2010  11:45 am
  16. lorraine davis said:
    what absolutely amazing photographs, they really captured a perfect day.... I would like to thank the photographers,, who made everyone feel at ease... Hence all the laughing faces. Once again thanx
    June 22, 2010  11:47 am
  17. I would like to congratulate the photographers for making everyone feel so at ease, therefore producing some excellent photographs, and capturing the spirit of the day perfectly
    June 22, 2010  11:59 am
  18. Kim said:
    The whole day was amazing from start to finish and these pictures are absolutely STUNNING Chris you did an amazing job cant wait to see the album it will be out of this world! xXx
    June 22, 2010  1:15 pm
  19. Tomo said:
    Amazing wedding & Amazing photo’s. You captured the day brilliantly
    June 22, 2010  1:26 pm
  20. Sebastian-theodore Fitzgerald said:
    These are such beautiful photographs what an amazing couple and what a fabulous day it was! Congratulations to the both of you and all the best for your future together
    June 22, 2010  1:46 pm
  21. Kerry Reilly said:
    Wow!!!!! The photos are as stunning and beautiful as the day itself was. A truly amazing day, captured perfectly by Chris and his team. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be invited. xxxx
    June 22, 2010  2:50 pm
  22. Martin Reilly said:
    An amazing and memorable day that was unhindered by a very professional and friendly photography team. Amazing photographs!
    June 22, 2010  3:15 pm
  23. Alan Randerson said:
    Fantastic pictures, cant wait for my album!
    June 22, 2010  3:38 pm
  24. Angie said:
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, thank you so much for these stunning photos and for making everyone feel so at ease.
    June 22, 2010  3:44 pm
  25. Abby said:
    The most beautiful photos I have ever seen!
    June 22, 2010  3:49 pm
  26. Alex Davis said:
    Stunning from start to finish a true professional Chris, many thanks for being so organised, what a fantastic day xxxx
    June 22, 2010  7:25 pm
  27. Sarah Rowbotham said:
    These pictures are amazin, just like the day was!! cant wait to see the album!! A great reminder of the day for ya both xxx
    June 22, 2010  10:22 pm
  28. cheryl stead said:
    Absolutley Amazing photos, captures the love for each other, titanic moments
    June 23, 2010  11:21 am
  29. Rick said:
    June 23, 2010  5:27 pm
  30. kelly hall said:
    OOOOOOOOOOOOHH Ashley&Adam CONGRATULATIONS with the wedding it was fantastic and these pic`s are stunning. Ya truely look so happy. It brings a tear. Hope ya both very happy. Much love love me x x x
    June 23, 2010  5:27 pm
  31. wayne luckhurst said:
    wonderful photographs that really seem to have captured what was a great venue and wonderful day. I will definately recommend you in the future.
    June 23, 2010  5:49 pm
  32. Annette said:
    Fantastic. Artistic set of photos of a wonderful couple on their special day
    June 23, 2010  6:12 pm
  33. charlotte luckhurst said:
    beautiful photos, was an amazing day xxx
    June 23, 2010  7:25 pm
  34. hicko said:
    stunning photography you have an unmistakable genuine talent with a camera. enough said!! and a pleasure to meet you
    June 28, 2010  5:06 pm
  35. hicko said:
    truly amazing, really good photos. and it was an amazing day one i will remember for the rest of my life
    June 28, 2010  5:07 pm
  36. maxine thompson said:
    The wedding of adam and ash was beautiful. What fabulous photo's.
    June 29, 2010  11:02 am
  37. The wedding for adam and ash was beautiful. What fabulous photo's. The photographer seemed to put everyone at ease. Fantastic
    June 29, 2010  11:09 am
  38. Alison Tunnard said:
    Eagerly awaited photos but well worth the wait, absolutely stunning, congratulations Ashley and Adam. xx
    June 29, 2010  4:47 pm
  39. collette said:
    the photos are absolutely amazing, i think ashley and adam looks stunning, im glad i dont have to choose out of this album as i think i would need to have them all, as ive said before they are amazing
    July 1, 2010  1:15 pm
  40. Rosie said:
    Wow! What beautiful photos, absolutely stunning. Ash, if you ever get fed up of nursing, you could have a sparkling new career as a model! Congratulations to a very photogenic couple x x
    July 1, 2010  4:16 pm

Hodsock Priory is a stunning wedding venue and offers some superb photographic opportunities. It’s been a few weeks since Andy and Ruth’s pre-wedding photo shoot at Hodsock Priory, but they were both quickly into the swing of things on Saturday for their wedding.

The weather was stunning allowing the guests to take full advantage of Hodsock Priory’s grounds for the drinks reception. As the list of formals wasn’t too long or complicated we were able to quickly complete these before shooting lots of candids of the day.

Hodsock Priory weddings

Wood Hall Wedding photographers

Paul and Beth married at All Saints Church in the village of Saxton near Sherburn in Elemet before celebrating at Wood Hall Hotel near Wetherby.

The day began at Wood Hall for photographs of Beth’s preparation before she left for church. Hair and make up photographs complete there was just time to grab a few photographs of Beth in her wedding dress complete with wellies (just incase), although these were quickly swapped for a pair of Jimmy Choos before leaving Wood Hall.

All Saints Church in Saxton is conveniently located next to the village pub which is where I caught up with Paul and his best men for some photographs before the brides arrival. During the wedding ceremony photography was allowed from the rear of the church which although not the best scenario, it is certainly better than no photography at all.

As we left the church the sky had transformed and the threatening clouds had cleared and blue skies and sun awaited us. With a number of formals to complete at church we quickly despatched these to allow everyone the opportunity to throw confetti before leaving for Wood Hall, although with the now fantastic weather no one was in a hurry!

The following photographs are those we used in the large screen display of wedding photographs we had playing during the evening reception. (I’ve added the last few for the sake of completeness).

Wood Hall Hotel and Spa near Wetherby

In preparation for the England game on Saturday, a pair of matching supporter shirts with the numbers offering a clue to the wedding date.

  1. lisa said:
    Fantastic as always, but could we expect anything less!
    June 21, 2010  8:44 pm
  2. Zoe said:
    These are the bset wedding pictures i have seen, they really capture the day to its full potential and will be an amazing keepsake for Ashley and Adam to look back on over the years!
    June 22, 2010  10:08 am
  3. Steven P said:
    I love the expressions you've captured, the PP work on these photos is brilliant. Really well done.
    September 24, 2010  4:26 pm

Early Sunday morning I met up with Adam and Ashley for a pre-wedding photo shoot near Wakefield. Adam and Ashley are marrying in a few weeks at Burntwood Court near Barnsley.

  1. Alan Randerson said:
    Great photographs; taken in a spirit of the occasion bringing out both Ashley and Adam's personality - Ridley Scott would be proud of your fun filled direction.
    June 22, 2010  9:34 am
  2. lorraine said:
    Brill, but wheres R Dill n Dex lol... only joking.. love the photos
    June 22, 2010  11:50 am