I’ve just added two new exciting workshops and training days to the website. Both will take place at Hazlewood Castle near York and will include a full day of hands on Photography.

On April 29th I’ll be joined by two bridal models to create a series of stunning images using the castle and grounds as a backdrop. During the day we’ll be using a mix of lighting sources including Video Light, daylight and on and off camera flash. I’ll also demonstrate various techniques to create big stunning images that will wow your clients. Click here for more information

May 10th will be a morning of boudoir photography at Hazlewood followed after lunch by a bridal shoot in the grounds. Our model for the day will be Pammy and so different to the brides on the 29th. During the boudoir shoot we’ll be creating simple to shoot but amazing photographs of Pammy using daylight, continuous light and flash. After the inclusive lunch we’ll be outdoors with Pammy now wearing a wedding dress for an afternoon of bridal photography. Click here for more information

During both days there’ll be plenty of opportunities to direct and pose the model. On each shoot I’ll be demonstrating my technique, lighting and discussing my settings including where they came from. By the end of each day you’ll go away with the knowledge of how to recreate similar images at your own weddings / boudoir shoots. Full details of all courses and training days can be found here