Wedding photographer Wakefield

Natalie and Chris married on Friday at Walton Hall, Waterton Park Hotel near Wakefield. The day started misty and with little wind the chances of it clearing were going to be slim, but atleast it was dry and not too cold. I’d arrived early with the plan to grab a coffee and do a little computer work before the wedding, but the sight that greeted me as I drove in to the car park at Walton Hall demanded attention and a photograph. The low winter sun was just breaking through the mist and the almost still lake was reflecting Walton Hall to create a stunning scene. A fortuitous pair of Swans majestically floating into the frame really completed the scene – see below….

Walton Hall WakefieldAlthough the mist never really cleared it didn’t cause too many problems on the day and thankfully we were still able to get some great distance shots without too much hard work.

Chris and Natalie’s young daughter Sophie was to be a bridesmaid  and walk down the aisle before her mum, however minutes before the wedding was due to start, in the best tradition of three year olds decided she wasn’t wearing the gorgeous dress and no manner of coaxing, coercion and downright bribary were going to sway her. A few emotional minutes passed before Sophie entered the ceremony room re-splendid in her pink jumper and leggings. However twenty minutes later as we left the ceremony with the happily married couple Sophie was waiting in reception wearing her shiny white dress and full of smiles for mummy and daddy! The joy in Natalie and Chris’ face was amazing and incredibly touching to see  them all cuddling together!

The clip below features many of the images we used on Natalie and Chris’ big screen display during their evening reception.