“We won’t get a second chance to get these photographs, if we didn’t do it, we’d regret it.”, Claire’s words as she negotiated a fence in her wedding dress after just shooting some great sunset photographs. Growing up with a father as a photographer Claire understood the importance of capturing the moment and not being able to repeat missed opportunities.

Claire and Tim married at St Paul’s Church in Wibsey near Bradford before celebrating at the Holiday Inn Tong. The weather forecast promised a real mixed bag of sunshine and showers before hopefully giving way to clear skies later in the evening, could be fun! Following bridal preparation we joined Tim and his groomsmen at St Paul’s for some pre-wedding photographs before Claire arrived. As Claire’s arrival grew nearer we watched as the blue skies disappeared, replaced by rain laden grey threatening skies. In typical timing the rain started just as the wedding car pulled up outside church resulting in umbrella’s  and a quick dash inside.

Following the wedding ceremony a quick check on the weather showed we had a narrow window of opportunity for the formal photographs which we shot under  the shelter of a tree just incase! Thankfully the rain and drizzle quickly passed us by and with group photos complete we headed over to the Holiday Inn at Tong for the drinks reception and wedding breakfast.

Following some photographs of Tim and Claire in the grounds of the hotel we made our way into the Pastures suite, an opportunity to photograph guests as they enjoyed the drinks reception before the start of the wedding breakfast and speeches.

The met forecast was correct and as evening approached the skies were clearing nicely leaving us a trace of colour and an opportunity for some photographs of the bride and groom at sunset. A simple comment from me of how nice the field next door looked and a second later Claire is scaling the fence. Fantastic!