Darren and Kayleigh first contacted me before they’d booked their wedding venue, they knew the date they wanted to get married and had decided I was the photographer that could deliver the images they wanted. After viewing several venues they decided on marrying at their local church in Wentworth before celebrating at Bagden Hall near Huddersfield.

Darren and Kayleigh had decided on a gothic Halloween theme for their wedding day and had asked the guests to dress in somber outfits and even halloween themed dress.  Following a few photographs of Kayleigh finishing off her dressing and more importantly fastening her red Doc Marten wedding boots we joined Darren and his best man at Wentworth church for photos before the wedding.

Wentworth church is one of the largest in the region and belies the fact that the village population is probably no more than a thousand. The interior of the church was amazingly detailed and thanks to a very obliging vicar we were able to incorporate a lot of the architecture in the photographs.

Following the wedding ceremony and a few formals outside Darren and Kayleigh had a location in mind for some more photographs before we ventured to Bagden Hall for the wedding breakfast. The low sun and autumnal colours really came into their own for the next series of images around the church and an old ruined church nearby.

Bagden Hall had been decorated accordingly and following wedding breakfast in the restaurant the wedding guests and evening guests were allowed into the Orchard suite which had been seriously themed with lighting, pumpkins, skeletons, smoke and even a coffin adding to the Halloween theme.

During the evening guests were entertained with a fire routine and then as a surprise for Darren, a dance troupe performed Thriller before beckoning everyone onto the dance floor.

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