Kings Croft weddings

If there was to be a soundtrack to Graham and Catherine’s wedding on Sunday you could choose a lot worse than Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The fitting title of the Violin Concerto’s certainly summed up the varied weather on Sunday which ranged from howling winds, hail stones, heavy rain and a warm sun!  Thankfully though, the weather played ball at the right times and we were able to make the most of the grounds around Kings Croft for the wedding photographs.

During their pre-wedding shoot a few weeks ago we discussed the weather and I’d said how great a stormy sky can look in wedding photographs. Following the wedding breakfast we were treated to a stunning sky of dark clouds with the odd sunburst. perfect for some photographs! We were able to quickly turn these around in time for the large screen display and added a few edited photos to the show before the evening reception started. The evening was lining up for a stunning sunset and just before the sun dropped below the horizon we headed outdoors for a few more photographs which will make a stunning finale to their wedding album.

Kings Croft wedding venue in Pontefract