2014 Review – Some Personal photography projects…

2014 has been a busy year for us here at Chris Chambers Photography. With our new studio establishing well over at Hazlewood Castle with lots of newborns and family portraits (a blog post coming very shortly), training courses and of course a full wedding diary. With such a full diary it’s been a little harder this year to squeeze in the personal projects.

Below are a selection of images from 2014. I’ve focused just on landscapes and birds for this blog post, I’ll add Aviation and other work soon.

Red Kite in West Yorkshire. Leeds Red kites. Harewood House

Red Kites: Driving to the studio each morning we regularly see Red Kites looking for food along the A1 and A64.  A few times over the year I’ve stopped off here and other locations to photograph these normally shy birds.

Red Kite in West Yorkshire. Leeds Red kites. Harewood House

Lake District Landscapes – Whether to photograph aircraft low flying or landscapes I managed a number of trips over to Cumbria. Stunning scenery and occasionally great weather combined for a number of personal favourites.

High in the mountains, an old hut has one of the best views in Cumbria.

Sunset in Keswick, the Lake District. Ashness boat landing. keswick Jetty.

Sunset at a jetty overlooking Derwent Water near Keswick with a view towards Cat Bells and Bassenthwaite.

Blea Tarn lake District Cumbria

Moody skies over Blea Tarn.

Ullswater, a long exposure has flattened the water and streaked the clouds.

Buttermere – another cold and wet day overlooking Buttermere.

Kingfisher with fish

Continuing on from the Kingfisher photography of Summer 2013, I found a new location closer to home for these photographs.

London – At the beginning of the year a small group of us ventured down to London for a couple of days of landscape photography taking in key locations along the way.

A little different to my normal style, this multi-exposure photo of Piccadilly Circus was taken at lunch time with several hundred people walking through.  Some in camera trickery has made the streets look empty except one lone London Bus streaking through the frame.

2014 was also a good year for birds of prey photography with a number of  wild and captive birds photographed at various locations around West Yorkshire.

In July we headed out to Florida for a family holiday. With no interest in rides I was able to make the most of the time in the theme parks shooting landscapes, buildings etc. July is stormy season and the weather didn’t disappoint. Above, storm clouds brew over the Epcot ball.


Lightning strike at Hogwarts. Sheltering from the heavy rain at Universal Studios I was able to shoot the lightning over Hogwarts Castle.  For the technically minded, this was shot hand held (I’ll take a tripod next time) and is two exposures combined.

Humber Bridge at Sunset, a quick grab shot that proved remarkably popular on Facebook.

In June I ventured north to the Farnes to photograph Puffins. As well as several thousand puffins the colony is also home to other birds such as the Arctic Turns (above). These have the distinction of nesting close to footpaths and as you walk past will literally fly up and try to dive bomb your head. Surprisingly good fun and some interesting angles for photographs.

Puffin at the Farne Islands. Puffin at the Farne Islands.